What Makes A Great Internal Door?

Beautiful internal doors are the finishing touches that can turn an ordinary interior into an extraordinary one.

Throughout Yorkshire, we enjoy a diverse style of homes with exteriors and interiors to suit the locality and the characteristics of the homeowners. Therefore, it’s important that the doors suit the environment they are going into. XL Joinery provide a variety of styles, both traditional and contemporary to cater for every scenario, all of which can be ordered at your local Myers Building Supplies branch.

First Impressions A great interior door conveys quality from the very first impression. Natural wood veneers amplify the beauty of a door and can come in a variety of finishes including Oak, Pine, Walnut and Wenge.


The style of a door can further vary with the integration of glass into the structure. To comply with building regulations glazing requirements (also known as ‘critical locations’) there must be safety glass or safety guards in place to protect people from injury. To meet this standard, all of XL’s doors featuring glass use toughened safety glass.


A common feature in XL’s doors is the deep u-grooves that emphasise the door design with wooden inlays. These provide greater colour consistency and also add to the overall elegance.


While this may not affect the look of the finished door, XL stress that every interior wooden door should share the ethical principles laid out by the industry. Ideally, any interior door should be FSC® or PEFC™ certified, clarifying that they have originated from responsible forestry practices.


While solid wood is desirable, it is a material that is constantly living, meaning that it is likely to contract and expand with temperature changes. This is more common with exterior doors that are exposed to the elements. XL engineer doors from A-Grade wood, inlays and lipping to ensure that there is little movement from the finished item.

Finishing Touches

A small detail that is easy to miss is door handles. XL’s collection of handle packs are designed to suit all interior styles and door designs. Create a complementary look and finish in any home with matching timber door lining kits, architrave and skirting sets.