Available in soft and hardwoods and sawn or planed, our extensive range of timber and sheet materials can be used for a variety of building projects.  Our range includes;

  • Sheet Materials – plywood, chipboard, OSB, and MDF, that are suitable for a variety of structural and non-structural applications
  • Structural Softwood Carcassing –  strength-graded timber which is suitable for structural use including floor joists, roof rafters and timber frames.
  • Roofing Battens – small sections of sawn treated timber that roofing that tiles and shingles are fixed to.
  • Scant & CLS –  used for stud-work in the production of partition walls, non-structural building repairs and fencing
  • PSE – Plane Square Edged has been machine smoothed so ideal for projects that require a good visual appearance once finished with paint, stain, oil or varnish
  • Cladding – used as an outer layer for external or internal surfaces to enhance visual appearance and/or weather protection.

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